On November 23rd at 7pm, Adele Crowder takes us through Lucy Stover Davison's year with details gleaned from daily records she kept in exercise books.  Meet a farm family from Chipmunk Ridge, with a focus on their animals, harvests, family and social world. 

Fred Brown's photographs of the immediate district of Odessa and its people in the first decade of the century illustrate Adele's talk. Maps, contemporary video and open source photographs bring the daily life of a farming family into sharp focus. 

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The project invites your own family detail: how does Lucy's diary match your family history? Where does 2021 echo her concerns? 

Adele Crowder lives on a farm on Simmons Road. Her interest was piqued by changes in land use and by the wealth of detail recorded by Lucy Stover Davison. She takes you through Lucy's year with particular focus on family connections. Adele is a retired ecologist, professor emerita at Queen's University, whose work on wetlands, mine reclamation and metal toxicity in plants took her across North America and Europe. 

Eleanor Crowder put together the visuals for Adele's presentation.  Writer, actor, and director: she works and teaches in professional theatre in Ottawa and West Quebec. A particular love is touring to small towns. Wilton Hall has hosted many summer productions.