On Tuesday, October 16th at 7pm, you're invited to a visually stunning edition of 'Tuesday Night at the Museum' in Napanee. Hear about the amazing wildlife adventures of award-winning photographer Bill Bickle.

Bill Bickle’s new museum exhibit - "Wildlife in Focus" – will be introduced on Tuesday night. The audience will hear fascinating stories about some of Bill’s most amazing wildlife encounters, and he'll  share personal first-hand adventures highlighted with incredibly detailed photographs displayed through a digital presentation.

Admission to Tuesday Night at the Museum is only $3. For more information please visit www.CountyMuseum.ca or call 613-354-3027. We’ll see you at the museum on Tuesday night!

Photographer's Statement

Over the years being inside nature (Forests, Oceans, etc..) & consumed in the elements (Rain, Fog, Mist, Wind, Snow etc.),  while I seek out Wild Animals to watch  and photograph. Many, many incredible Amazing interactions and encounters I have witnessed and captured. Their memories are forever remembered through my collection of photography


About Bill Bickle

For me Wildlife Photography is a developing passion, over the past few years my passion to capture images and be among the Wildness, is stronger now!  With fast developing & increasing Human populations… Developing Industries, encroaching wild places…I see the Environment changing and feel compelled to visit and experience while I can!

The Focus on Wildlife Photography for me is inspiring and keeps me motivated to improve my craft. The physical parts like trekking, walking, kayaking, canoeing, and camping etc… aid to my fitness level and the excitement and anticipation of another unique encounter, over the next mountain!