Behind every great love story there is a story to tell and with that things to tell it!

It is not just about these things left behind, it is about the exhilaration of that unique human connection, and everyone once in a while we get to glimpse at those memories left behind through photographs, letters, and objects. 
These touchable memories tell the story of first kisses, shared laughter and sorrow, adventures sought, milestones reached, hurdles crossed, and the unique roads travelled when you choose to share your life with another person. Affectionately Yours explores these objects of love left behind and the stories they tell.  

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Affectionately Yours is a brand new in house curated exhibit presented in the museum’s recently renovated new gallery space. The original intent of this area of the museum, formerly the County Jail, was to serve as the Jailer’s residence. This renovated space pays homage to that time but has been updated as a welcoming exhibit gallery that invites Lennox and Addington stories to be told in all shapes and sizes, old or new. 

On display until January 7, 2022

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