Have you ever...

  • caught yourself thinking, “Wow, time flies!”
  • looked at your kids and thought, “It feels like it was just yesterday that they were born…”
  • said to yourself: “If only I could memorize this moment. Things are perfect, just the way they are.”


If so, then read on!

The Lennox & Addington County Museum is currently planning an exhibition of photographs of family life, taken from all across the L&A area. We’re looking for TEN families to participate in this project that’s all about capturing family memories and the small moments. We want to document people’s real lives in all their (extra)ordinary magic.

All families welcome! Families can be big or small and they can be made up of parents and children, romantic partners, grandparents, multiple generations living together, and pets.


What we need:

  • 1 hour of your family’s time.
  • Information about an activity you will be doing during the session. Suggested activities are ones that your family enjoys doing together at your home or a favourite family hangout spot. Examples could include hiking in the woods, fishing, playing with toys in your back yard, baking cookies, sitting around the campfire, planting a garden, cooking, etc. We're looking for regular, every day activities. 


What happens next:

Our photographer for this project, Viara Mileva, will contact participating families to arrange a time for her to stop by and take photos of your magical moments.


What you receive:

Once the photographs are all collected and edited, you’ll be given all your family’s photographs to keep. They're beautiful photos of your most cherished, “simple” family moments... little fleeting moments that pass you by... extraordinary in their ordinariness.


What the Museum receives:

  • Permission to use photographs in exhibition, promotions, and publishing without condition.
  • A photographic documentary of contemporary family life in our County.
  • Partnerships with area families that introduced them to the value of the museum and archives.
  • An opportunity to tell a unique story through the lens of a professional photographer not yet accomplished in this museum.


What happens next:

To apply for participation – please complete the form below and tell us something wonderful about your family. We will select ten families to best showcase the diversity of family life in L&A.

We look forward to receiving your entries, and cannot wait to make this beautiful family project come to life!

Complete the Request Form Below