Traffic, Roads, & Bridges

Extended Public Comment Deadline for the 

Transportation and Municipal Servicing Class Environmental Assessment 

County of Lennox and Addington & Town of Greater Napanee 

Notice of Public Information Centre No. 2



The County of Lennox and Addington (County) and Town of Greater Napanee (Town) are in the process of completing a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA). This MCEA will confirm proposed road improvements identified in the County’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to accommodate future traffic and anticipated developments within the Study Area and alleviate expected congestion on County Road 41 (Centre Street North).

Currently, the County and Town are preparing an Environmental Study Report (ESR) to identify the optimal location for additional road connections, including information such as:

  • The project’s need and opportunities
  • Existing conditions of the Study Area
  • Possible alternative solutions and designs (road alignments) that can accomplish the project’s multiple criteria, along with a preferred solution
  • Municipal servicing needs for anticipated new developments in the Study Area (e.g., water and sewer)
  • The project’s anticipated environmental impacts and proposed mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate impacts


The recommended solution features three new arterial roadways with associated roundabout intersections and multi-use pathways for active transportation users:

  • Roadway ‘E1’, which will run east-west and link County Road 1 West to County Road 41/Industrial Boulevard and Alkenbrack Street
  • Roadway ‘S2’, which will run east-west and link a new north-south arterial roadway (‘W1’) to Belleville Road/Enviro Park Lane
  • Roadway ‘W1’, which will run north-south and connect Bridge Street West/Cherrywood Parkway to Belleville Road/Jim Kimmett Boulevard

A solution to expand the water servicing network through potential connection points at Belleville Road, Richmond Park Drive, Kanvers Way and Beverly Street, as well as enhancements made to wastewater servicing through a Slash Road connection are also provided within the ESR.


Completing and publishing an ESR for review agencies and the public will satisfy Phase 4 of the Transportation and Utilities Class EA requirements, while the County’s updated TMP satisfied Class EA Phase 1 (Identify the Problem/Opportunity) and Class EA Phase 2 (Identify Alternative Solutions and Establish the Preferred Solution). Class EA Phase 3 (Examine Alternative Methods of Implementing the Preferred Solution) was completed as part of development of the ESR. The County and Town will proceed to Class EA Phase 5 (Implementation) after receiving and addressing comments stemming from the ESR’s public comment period.


Consultation is an important part of the MCEA process, and we want to hear from you. The second of two planned Public Information Centres for the project is being held HERE.  The presentation will be available between October 23 and November 24, 2023, to learn more about the project and provide your questions and comments.

Please feel free to submit comments by visiting the following link:

On behalf of the County and Town, please contact the project team at if you would like to provide comments, request additional information, and/or be added to our project mailing list:

Chris Wagar
Director, Infrastructure Services
County of Lennox and Addington
T: 613-354-4883 Ext 3230

Jeff Cuthill
Director, Capital Works
Town of Greater Napanee
T: 613-856-2247

Vanessa Skelton, P. Eng.
Project Manager
T: 613-288-1727

All personal information included in a submission – such as name, address, telephone number and property location – is collected, maintained and disclosed by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for the purpose of transparency and consultation. The information is collected under the authority of the Environmental Assessment Act or is collected and maintained for the purpose of creating a record that is available to the general public as described in s.37 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Personal information you submit will become part of a public record that is available to the general public unless you request that your personal information remain confidential. For more information, please contact the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks’ Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator at 416-327-1434.