It's time for a fun and informative edition of Tuesday Night at the Museum in Napanee. On March 19th at 7pm, experience The Ballad of D'Arcy McGee.

Written and presented by author, actor and playwright Mark Finnan, with Peterborough traditional musicians and singers Glen Caradus, John Hoffman and Michael Ketemer, and Betty Bennett as ‘Henrietta Huffington’. The dramatic story, told through lively narrative, music and song, of the life and accomplishments of Irish born Thomas D’Arcy McGee, considered by many to have been the visionary Father of Canadian Confederation.

Poet, rebel, politician and people’s philosopher, he championed the need to unite the British North American colonies into a single country. His belief in ‘a new northern nation’, his eloquent speeches and writings in support of it, although at first dismissed by both George Brown and John A. McDonald, contributed to the creation of the nation of Canada.

Seeking to resolve historic hatreds based on race and religion in Canada of the mid 1800s, he addressed gatherings in Peterborough and elsewhere. Yet he was attacked by extremists on all sides. However his idealism, courage, sense of justice and his desire to create a peaceful and progressive nation prevailed, right up to the night he was assassinated on Spark St. in Ottawa.

Admission is only $3 and tickets are available at the door. 'Tuesday Night at the Museum' is a monthly feature at the L&A County Museum & Archives, located at 97 Thomas Street East in Napanee. For more information about a wide array of programming at the Museum & Archives, please visit or call 613-354-3027.


What The Audience Can Expect:

Set in a residence in southern Ontario in 1873 at a time of political crisis and lingering tensions in young Canada. Irish born James McCarroll, former Peterborough newspaper man, author and poet, who had often cajoled McGee the politician in his famous satirical newspaper column ‘The Letters of Terry Finnegan’ has been invited by the ladies’ Literary and Historical Society to present a tribute to his late Irish ‘cousin.’ Accompanied by local musicians and singers he tells the story of McGee’s turbulent and heroic life during a pivotal chapter in Canadian history. An entertaining and informative evening, with a little socializing on the side.

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