Head to Santorini Mediterranean Grill in Napanee for a Valentines Day Karaoke Competition. Duets only! It's a great night to bring a partner, or meet one! 

Prize: Dinner for Two


  1. Best Voice
  2. Best Performance
  3. Costume
  4. Crowd Reaction

The competition is hosted by Dan Stoness from Unique Karaoke. Judging the performances are Jim Barber, Al Orr, Jason Dunn and Amber Meyer Dunn.

Santorini is also featuring local beer (473ml) from The Napanee Beer Company (Blacklist & Deadline) and local wine (6oz) from 33 Vines (Vidal, Pinot Noir, & Baco Noir) for $7/glass. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Napanee/.

Santorini Valentine.jpg