Let's face it, visiting the L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area is always a fun experience. But you can have an even more enjoyable time if you follow this simple list of hints & tips. 

These points are meant for first-timers, or those still relatively new to stargazing. We ask that you keep them top of mind during your visit.

Before You Arrive

  • Gather your friends and family (stargazing in groups is fun).
  • Check our website links for expected viewing condition details.
  • Follow us on Facebook to find out about events other things stargazing-related.
  • Wear weather appropriate clothing. Even in the summer it can get cool in the evenings.
  • Pack your lawn chair (or even better... a zero-gravity chair!)
  • Set your GPS to 7980 County Road 41, Erinsville.
  • If you plan on setting up a camera or telescope we suggest you get here before it's completely dark (it'll be easier for you to see what you're doing).


When You Get Here

  • Turn off your vehicle lights as soon as possible when you enter the parking area.
  • Please drive slowly in the parking area and watch for pedestrians.
  • Sign our guest book located near the interpretive signage by the viewing platform.
  • Apply bug spray (and re-apply if needed).
  • Please keep your flashlights in your pocket and away the viewing area. White light (even from phone screens) disrupts the night vision and negatively effects astrophotography. Red light is acceptable.
  • Flash photography with your phone doesn't work for astrophotography so don't bother trying. 
  • If nature calls, there's a portable washroom near the parking lot (May - October).


While You're Here

  • Look up!


Before You Leave

  • Please, please, please take your garbage/recycling back home with you. There are no receptacles at the DSVA.
  • Camping is not permitted at the Dark Sky Area, however, there are several lodging providers close by if you're travelling from a distance.


When You Get Home

  • Tell us about your experience with us on Facebook & Instagram, and share photos with us too (we love photos!).
  • Make plans to visit us again!