Discover L&A Ride Home


Signage along the Discover L&A Ride.jpgThe Discover L&A Ride is an open course, meaning you and your bicycles will be sharing the road with motorized vehicles. Please be safe and obey all traffic laws. All participants are required to wear a helmet. Please ride single-file on the extended paved shoulders where applicable.

All participants will receive a 'Discover L&A Ride' route map at registration. The route is marked with turn signage ('500m ahead' and 'turn here' signs). Rest stops will be well-marked as well. Each rest stop has a water bottle fill station (please bring your own bottles) and snacks to keep you refreshed and charged for the ride. Support vehicles will be making regular trips around the route. If you require assistance, please flag us down and we will assist you.

Although wineries and breweries are highlighted in this tour, we ask that you please use your judgement when partaking in the consumption of alcohol. One wine tasting ticket, one cider tasting ticket, and a beer ticket will be distributed to each participant at registration. A single 2 oz. wine will be provided at the Bergeron Estate Winery & Cider Co. rest stop when you present the ticket as part of your registration entitlement. Additional tastings may be purchased at each stop but it is at the discretion of the participant.

The glass of beer from MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company entitled to participants will not be served until the ride is complete. Again, additional beer may be purchased at the end of the ride. Please drink responsibly and arrange for a safe ride home.