Hardcase, Lost Loop, Found Again, Ridgeline, Fraggled... kind of a strange combination of words.

But when their backdrop is a wooded recreational trail system, these terms describe feelings and connections of joy found within 160 acres of Lennox and Addington forest. Aptly named, these are a few of the most recent trails currently under construction in the northern reaches of the Naturally L&A Forest Trails in Flinton.

In their entirety, this mixture of carriage paths and single tracks circumnavigate the tiny village of Flinton. When complete, the new trails will add to a compliment of paths already available to the public, offering bike riders and walkers more than 10 km of rugged yet scenic wilderness to enjoy. Having just concluded the first year of being open to the non-motorized user, the trails have seen a steady increase in participation, which has been the motivator to add a variety of new routes to enjoy year round.

L&A Forest Trails mid buildl.jpg

As a long time mountain bike rider, hiker and trail enthusiast I understand my enjoyment of the outdoors in part has come as a result of the hard work and vision others before me have put in along the way. With this in mind I have been giving back time as a trail building volunteer in the Forest Trails to hopefully motivate a next generation of trail user or visitor to the unspoiled Lennox and Addington north.

So if you have not yet been to the L&A Forest Trails as a rider or hiker, take the 50 minute drive north of Napanee, bring your bike or your boots and enjoy. Or better yet, get your shovel, help us  build more trail! Find out more about how you can help. You will not be disappointed! 

L&A Forest Trails Fall.jpg