The world is experiencing history in the making. Coronavirus has given us the rare gift of time - time to pause, time for us to reconnect with the earth and our families, and time for us to adjust how we will participate in our lives moving forward. 

The L&A County Museum & Archives team want to capture our communities in the time of COVID-19. We've created the Covid Time Capsule as a tool to gather and curate an on-going exhibition of activities for everyone to experience today and for the curatorial team to preserve for the future. View select submissions received so far.

The museum wants your COVID things! Did you create an original distancing device, artwork, posters, clothing, diaries, or anything else related to your COVID experience? We want it for our collection. Someday the museum will create a Covid exhibit for our future community to read about the experiences, but we need your stuff first!  Contact the museum today to discuss your donation to the Museum Covid Collection.


Family Life

What has your family been up to while in isolation?  How has this changed from your normal? Have you added new activities in your family life - what about more family talks, cooking (can you share a new recipe your family discovered), walks, games?  What is home schooling like? How are you communicating with your family outside your own home? Can you share this with us through a photo or written word?


Let us know what's changed


Acts of Kindness

Now more than ever, we have to come together in solidarity to uplift and help humanity. What have you done to help your neighbours in this time of crisis?  What have you done (or what have you seen) that spreads joy, helps loneliness, feeds stomachs, and eases the hearts and minds of people around you?

Share a 'good news' story



Work LifeOur work lives have certainly changed during this pandemic. Some of us are essential workers providing continued services to the public while others are working from home trying to maintain the status quo from our remote workstations. Have you noticed that your inner superhero has emerged – we see it! We've got your back… tell us about your day and how it has changed over the last couple of months – we want to hear it!

How has work life changed?



students @ work

We have had to adjust to life of the home school. Parents are picking up the reigns to teach their children with guidance from a virtual classroom and their child’s teacher.  What assignments have you completed for school that tells a story of today’s time in COVID-19? We would love to see a photograph or written word about these assignments. What grade are you in and what school do you go to?  

Students, please show your work



Photos and Artwork

Where are the creative people?  Has this time inspired you to create, think, draw, sculpt, or take pictures. Has something happened to make you upset, happy, wonder, marvel, and worry?  Can you show us what you created? Would you consider donating the original to the museum and archives collection?


Show us your creativity


videosDo you love to create videos?  You can help us out by becoming a documentarian. It doesn’t have to be Oscar worthy but it should be heartfelt. Interview family members who live with you or long distance through one of the many platforms we are using to talk and see our family, create a montage of the stillness around you, take a walk...we would love to see and hear what you have to say! Have you held any online musical performances? We'd love to see these too please!

Lights, camera, action!



Written WordMaybe you aren’t creative  and the thought of writing a poem, a short story, or a song makes you want to run. That’s okay - a lot of us feel the same. But are you a thinker and  have something to say? Let us have it! Your thoughts are valuable and will give our future generation an insight into the minds of our communities during this stressful and worrisome time.


Sharpen your pencils


Share your COVID-19 Experience