I wanted to write about the benefits of having a small business in L&A but sometimes it’s hard to write down things that seem obvious. Some of the benefits are practical: It’s cheaper. Start up costs are more manageable. It’s easier to make a big splash and stand out in a smaller community. The bricks and mortar are part of it. But when I take a step back and really analyze the benefits of having your business in a smaller community, like Lennox & Addington, you really start to realize the perks. We have a beautiful place with a wonderful mix of old and new.

There’s a thought that bigger cities have an advantage because of population.

More customers = more business. If that’s true, and there are two sides to that debate, there are also higher costs for rents and purchasing property, higher taxes and bigger budgets for advertising. How do you stand out in the larger landscape? It’s so much tougher and the endgame isn’t always worth it. L&A has a very pro business attitude and there’s a thriving support network. If you have a great product or service, they’ll find you.

4K screen grabs 03.jpgThe great thing about them finding you here in L&A is the ability to be successful and have a great quality of life. You get to know your customers. Word of mouth matters.

Great customer service gets noticed here and rewarded. So does community championing.

People rally around businesses that have reached community celebrity status. And if reaching customers on a broader scale is important, it’s a much more global marketplace. You can reach the world through social media.

It’s such an honour to live and work in a place you have roots. Even if your roots are recent. What makes L&A unique? What gives us that pride? It’s the people and businesses that define us. And as a business owner, to have that type of influence, well that’s some top shelf success right there.

Meet Hollie Peterson, Small Business Development Officer

IMG_6404-edit.jpgHollie is part of the Economic Development team and is here to help support your small business goals and dreams. Whether you’re relocating an existing business, beginning the entrepreneurial life or ready to look at ways to grow your business, L&A has a team ready to help you. That thriving support network is here and dedicated to helping businesses. We can help in many areas of your business including business coaching, real estate searches, helping you access funding, business plan writing, goal setting and content marketing. If you run a business in the County of L&A, you’re eligible to receive free and confidential help.

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