Walking along wooded trails, learn to identify, collect, and process winter edibles such as Birch, Chaga, and frozen greens/berries at a Winter Foraging Workshop at Topsy Farms on Saturday, March 16th. 

Ruthie Cummings, guest lecturer at the Kingston Horticultural Society, will lead the tour as you forage for pine needles to make an indigenous cough syrup with Topsy honey. Clean, boil and process the needles and learn more about preservation and preparation..

Bring appropriate warm clothing, winter gloves, and mitts. Also bring collection basket, mesh bags, paper bags, scissors etc. and mason jars with lids. If snow is heavy, bring your own cross-country skis or snowshoes if possible. 

Cost is $40 per person. For more information and to book online visit https://topsyfarmsontario.myshopify.com/products/winter-foraging.

Catch the 12:30pm ferry at Millhaven (please arrive early, the boat can be busy). The ferry is $9 round trip/car. Meet at Topsy Farms.