Rose Hill Road, Denbigh

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Rose Hill Nature Reserve is a 358 acre property of forested landscape in Addington Highlands. It is found in a remote area with four small ponds, wetlands and several creeks. It is at a high elevation for eastern Ontario and is dominated by several long, steep ridges with rock outcrops and glacial erratics common on the domed hills and slopes. There is a 3.5 kilometre walking trail system within the reserve. 

The property is blanketed by a diverse suite of 22 ecological communities ranging from high rock barrens to low marshes and ponds, but most of it is covered by upland deciduous (sugar maple, sugar maple-oak-hickory) and coniferous (hemlock, white spruce, white pine, balsam fir) forest. 

Rose Hill Nature Reserve is maintained by the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust (MMLT), a non-profit charitable organization that works in and on behalf of the people and communities in the region, to preserve ecologically sensitive lands for the long term.