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  • A: Newburgh Route
    Length: 30 km, Moderate
    Route Info
    The perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon, this route takes you through the beautiful village of Newburgh. Offering rolling hills and long flat stretches, you can challenge your endurance or make this ride a leisurely excursion. There are many places to stop along the way to enjoy the wide-open spaces and still be back in time for lunch or dinner. This loop takes you through the communities of Newburgh, Napanee and Camden East.
  • B: Napanee River Route
    Length: 24 km, Moderate
    Route Info
    This is a great route, offering picturesque views of the Napanee River and the Bay of Quinte. You could complete this loop it in an hour or take three hours and enjoy the river's edge and rolling hills. There's a lot to see and enjoy.
  • C: Camden Route
    Length: 63 km, Moderate
    Route Info
    The Camden Route surrounds the Camden Lake Wildlife Management Area and provides picturesque farmland, charming villages, and natural beauty, making this loop a memorable experience. The rolling hills and long flat stretches found along this ride are appealing to almost all cycling enthusiasts. This route takes you through the communities of Camden East, Odessa, Wilton, Yarker, Colebrook, Moscow, Enterprise and Centreville.
  • D: Shoreline Route
    Length: 71 km, Moderate
    Route Info
    Long before we ever considered trekking in this region, the United Empire Loyalists walked this beautiful countryside. Farmland, apple orchards, and vineyards now dominate this route as you glimpse our past through a number of historical sights. Nearly half of the distance of this route follows the shoreline of Lake Ontario along the Loyalist Parkway. You may need two days for this loop because there is so much to see. This ride takes you through the communities of Napanee, Adolphustown, Conway, Sandhurst and Bath.
  • E: Hay Bay Route
    Length: 44 km, Easy
    Route Info
    Most of this route is along the shore of Hay Bay and the Bay of Quinte. This loop takes you past farmland, cottages and campgrounds that overlook some of the best Walleye fishing waters you'll find anywhere. It's not the fishing that will impress you however; it's the breathtaking blend of rural settings that overlook the beautiful waterways that make this route so memorable.
  • F: Sheffield Route
    Length: 78 km, Challenging
    Route Info
    You could call this the transition route. The land surrounding the village of Tamworth is dotted with working farms, wetlands and limestone outcroppings. As you travel north the landscape changes rapidly, giving way to spectacular views of granite and evergreens that dominate the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. This ride takes you through the communities of Tamworth, Erinsville, Arden and Kaladar.(Note: Please be aware of construction along Arden Road in Frontenac County. Loose gravel possible. Proceed with caution)
  • G: Salmon River Route
    Length: 54 km, Easy
    Route Info
    This route offers nearly equal distances north, east, south, and west. There are many opportunities to stop for refreshments at a village store or at one of the points where you cross the Salmon River. This is a favourite route for cycling enthusiasts because it offers a combination of some paved shoulder and quiet back roads. This ride takes you through the communities of Napanee, Newburgh, Croydon, Roblin and Selby.
  • H: Buckshot Lake Route
    Length: 102 km, Challenging
    Route Info
    This is the most challenging of our routes. Taking you through the ups and downs of the Canadian Shield, this route travels through the famous Bon Echo Provincial Park. Beauty surrounds you while you meander for kilometre after kilometre past wetlands, lakes, and rugged wilderness. Tell your friends about stops along the way like Cloyne, Vennachar Junction, Myers Cave and Plevna.
  • I: Flinton Road Route
    Length: 37 km, Moderate
    Route Info
    This route may be best suited for hybrid or mountain biking as it offers a combination of hard surface and dirt road. The northern and western portions of this route are on the Bridgewater Road while the southern and eastern portions are on the Old Flinton Road. Take your time and be sure to bring your camera because the scenery is fantastic along this loop.
  • J: Odessa Route
    Length: 28 km, Moderate
    Route Info
    The Odessa route is an inviting morning or afternoon excursion where you travel almost equal distances in all four directions past great views and a glimpse into our past. You will notice many landmarks and settlements of the United Empire Loyalists, and there's time to stop and learn more about the history of this region. This ride takes you through the communities of Odessa, Violet, Millhaven and Amherstview.
  • K: Amherstview Route
    Length: 24 km, Easy
    Route Info
    Take your time and enjoy the breathtaking waterfront vistas and the beauty of the homes in Amherstview. Be sure to stop at Fairfield Park to skip some stones on Lake Ontario or visit Fairfield House and learn about the history of this United Empire Loyalist homestead. The Amherstview route offers many activities along the way, so it will take longer than the distance would suggest.
  • L: White Lake Route
    Length: 44 km, Moderate
    Route Info
    You will be surprised at how challenging this route can be. Rolling hills, lakes, and wetlands describe the landscape, but there are very few flat stretches to be found. When you are not coasting down one hill, you are travelling up another. This route offers frequent changes in terrain and never lets you go very long without testing your conditioning. You'll get a great workout on this ride.