The County of Lennox and Addington, as the Service System Manager for the Counties of Prince Edward and Lennox and Addington, through Prince Edward Lennox and Addington Social Services (PELASS) Department, is authorized by the Province of Ontario to provide emergency child care for children of health care providers and essential workers. PELASS has partnered with local child care operators to offer emergency licensed child care in our community.

The service is provided at no costs to families, funded by the Province of Ontario, for children from birth to age 12. Services will operate from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Friday.  If there is a need to extend hours or provide services on Saturday and Sunday this will be explored based on need and demand.

Please note: The provision of Emergency Child Care and eligibility may change as the situation evolves.



Emergency child care services are reserved exclusively for children of essential service workers who have no other alternatives. The safest option for your family is to have children remain at home if at all possible.

  • Eligible workers as determined by the Province of Ontario. Click here to view the list of eligible workers.
  • Applicants must live or work in the County of Prince Edward or the County of Lennox and Addington.
  • You must be required to report to an official work location to deliver the service, without the ability to work from home. 
  • For two-parent families, both must be required to work outside the home and at least one must be an eligible worker. If there is one-parent working from home, your family will be deemed ineligible.  
  • Once the application has been submitted, you will be contacted by a PELASS Children’s Services worker within two business days.



Emergency child care services are reserved exclusively for children of essential service workers who have no other alternatives. 

  • By providing your email address within this application, you give permission for PELASS Children’s Services to communicate with you via email.
  • The information requested on this application will be used to determine an applicant’s eligibility for emergency child care and will be shared with the emergency licensed child care provider.  
  • Applicants will be required to provide proof of employment as well as a signed consent form.
  • Applicants will be contacted by telephone to confirm approval of application within two business days. 
  • If you have any questions please contact PELASS Children’s Services Department at 613-354-0957 x 2402 or email
  • Space is limited. Eligible applicants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • Dependent on need, PELASS reserves the right to prioritize the essential workers eligible for an emergency child care space.


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The following centres are available for emergency child care:

Prince Edward County

The Hub Child and Family Centre
10 McFarland Court, Picton

Lennox and Addington County

There are currently no emergency child care locations.

Please apply even if there is not a current location being offered in your community.  We will be reviewing the applications to identify where new locations are needed.


Health and Safety of Child Care Staff and Families

Because physical distancing is difficult when caring for young children, additional measures will be taken, in consultation with Public Health, to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Precautions include:

  • daily screening of children and staff
  • increased disinfection
  • reduced group sizes
  • limiting the number of people in the centre

“What will happen if the child care centre is displaying symptoms of COVID-19?”

If COVID-19 or any other infectious disease is suspected, the parent will be contacted immediately, and the child will be isolated from the other children and supervised until the parent arrives. Staff will ensure that the child is as comfortable as possible. The local Public Health Department will be consulted immediately. All parents will be notified. A note will also be posted at the site for at least seven days notifying parents of the situation. If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the centre, the children and staff will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days.


Information for Community Licensed Child Care Centres

If required, PELASS will work closely with our provincial and community partners to determine how this service may be expanded to include other licensed child care centres.

To learn more about Emergency Child Care for health care and other frontline staff working to stop the spread of COVID-19 as well as what centres are available across the province, click here.

If you have any questions please contact PELASS Children’s Services Department at 613-354-0957 x 2402 or email