Tired of long commutes? Can't afford to purchase a home? Frustrated with barely making ends meet?

Living and doing business in Ontario’s Lennox & Addington County (L&A) just might be the answer for you.

6 Reasons You’ll Love Your Life in Lennox & Addington

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#1 Extensive Support for Local Business

Through its Economic Development Office, Lennox & Addington provides amazing support for starting or relocating a business. Join hundreds of others who’ve built businesses in pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams.  L&A is home to unique stores, art studios, and craft breweries, as well as international manufacturers. We are ready to help make your dream business your new reality.



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#2 Lower Cost of Operating

Now that a big percentage of your income won’t be spent paying inflated city overhead, imagine what you could do for your business with all that extra cash. It’s not only cheaper to do business in Lennox & Addington  than in a larger city centre, it’s cheaper to live here too.



7 Tips Template - 3.jpg#3 Work Where You Live

With today’s modern communications and fast shipping, do you really need to be in a city to access your markets? L&A’s central location (2 hours to Toronto and Ottawa, 3 hours to Montreal and 1 hour to the United States) makes it possible for you to stay connected - yet work where you prefer to live. Access the city when you need to; relax in the country the rest of the time enjoying the success of your business.



7 Tips Template - 4.jpg#4 Better Housing (starting at $140K!)

Think you can’t afford to buy? For a lot less than the city, you can find your perfect dream home in one of the rural communities of Lennox & Addington. Take your next conference call on your new deck, overlooking the lake. There are also amazing opportunities to set up your business in a century old storefront, an  old schoolhouse or a vintage farm home.



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#5 Community Atmosphere

A strong sense of community can increase your well-being, yet many city-dwellers are isolated from their neighbours and fellow business owners. In Lennox & Addington County, business owners take pride in being on a first name basis with their customers. Customers who are often also neighbours. We help and support each other, pulling together in daily life as well as times of crisis and celebration.



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#6 Nature at Your Doorstep

The great outdoors is just steps from your office in Lennox & Addington. Lakes and rivers, beaches, parks and trails provide the perfect backdrop for your epic adventures. Enjoy boating, hiking, cycling, kayaking, camping, fishing – the list goes on!





Make the move today and watch your stress disappear!