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Nursing Services

Nursing Services are under the supervision of the Manager of Nursing Services. A registered Nurse is on duty 24-hours per day.

Services include administration of medication and assistance with activities of daily living. Personal care (bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.) is provided by both male and female Health Care Aides/Personal Support Workers.

The JMPC provides medical supplies and nursing equipment necessary for the care of residents, including prevention and care of skin disorders, continence care, infection control and sterile procedures, as well as medical devices such as catheters, colostomy and ilestomy devices.

The Centre has a Medical Director who oversees the medical services provided.

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Auxiliary and Tuck Shop Services

The John M. Parrott Centre is fortunate to have an Auxiliary comprised of a very dedicated and caring group of individuals who spend a tremendous amount of time raising needed funds. These funds are used solely for the direct benefit of our residents. The Centre is very grateful to the Auxiliary who operate and equip the tuck shop with articles such as postage stamps, sweets and other incidental supplies. If interested in becoming a member of the Auxiliary, please contact the Welcome Centre for dates and times of Auxiliary General Meetings.

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Dietary Services

Dietary services are under the supervision of the on site Manager of Dietary Services who is a Registered Dietitian. Upon admission, the Dietitian visits with each resident to determine dietary requirements and menu preferences.

The JMPC serves three nutritious meals daily, which are prepared on-site. Snacks and beverages are served between meals. Our goal is to provide a

nourishing, well-balanced diet which takes into account individual likes and dislikes as much as possible. 

Continental breakfast is available for residents who like to sleep in. Beverages, coffee and tea are available at the nourishment area for resident use throughout the day.

Visitors are always welcome and can dine with residents by booking (24 hours in advance) and purchasing a visitor meal ticket.

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Activities and Adjuvant Services

Under the supervision of the Resident Services Coordinator, a full range of activities and entertainment is offered and a calendar of events is posted on the bulletin boards throughout the resident home areas. Everyone is welcome to attend, including family and friends.

The Centre is pleased to have the services of a full-time contract physiotherapist and two physiotherapist assistants. Residents are assessed regularly and programs are developed to help maintain and improve each resident's level of function.

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Housekeeping, Laundry and Maintenance

The Environmental Services Supervisor is responsible for all housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services within the building.

All rooms are completely furnished, however, residents may bring in personal articles as space permits. We ask that personal furniture be clean and in good repair.Housekeeping staff is responsible for keeping resident rooms as well as the whole facility clean.

We ask that all personal belongings (except for clothing which is done by our staff) be labeled with the resident's name.

Bedding, linen, washcloths and towels are supplied by The John M. Parrott Centre.

Electronic equipment such as radios and televisions must be C.S.A. approved and inspected by the Maintenance Department prior to use, to ensure that cords, plugs, etc., are in good condition. Small appliances such as kettles, heaters, refrigerators are prohibited in resident rooms. 

For more information, contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Pastoral Care

The John M. Parrott Centre encourages and supports all spiritual and religious beliefs/practices.

A Chapel is located on the east end of MacDonald Hall offering an area for quiet reflection complete with stained glass windows and a beautiful view of the Community Garden.

The pastoral care program is coordinated by our Chaplain. A service is held each Sunday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in the Chapel. These services are conducted by area clergy. Interfaith communion services are held during the week and are posted as to the date and time. All residents and families welcome to attend.

Other important components of our pastoral care program include memorial services, World Day of Prayer, and Remembrance Day services.

Hairdressing and Barber Services

A full service hair care salon is located on site. There are three hairdressers who offer a full range of services on a fee-for-service basis. Arrangements will be made to have the cost of hair care services is available in the Village Salon and also in the Resident's Guidebook.

Family and friends may also take advantage of this service.

Village Salon 613.354.8275


Outgoing mail may be deposited in the Mail Box located at the Welcome Centre. Stamps can be purchased at the Tuck Shop. Incoming mail is delivered to each resident's room by staff, Monday through Friday.

Safety and Emergency

Safety at The John M. Parrott Centre is of prime importance. Each resident has access to a nurse call bell, which is located at the head of each bed. The bell may also be attached to the bed linen to provide easier access.

All exit doors are equipped with mag locks and an alarm system. Access to the building is by coded access through the front door. 

Residents who tend to wander will be provided with a wander guard bracelet. 

A designated Emergency and Communications Coordinator is on site at all times.

The John M. Parrott Centre also has an Emergency Response Team comprised of members of staff from each resident home area. This team has been trained to respond to many types of emergency situations.

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A small library, for the enjoyment of residents, is located in the library/lounge on the second floor of the building. It includes a good supply of large print books and novels.


Independent resident smoking is permitted in the outdoor designated smoking area only. Smoking by staff or visitors is not permitted within the facility.


The John M. Parrott Centre provides local newspapers, which are kept in common lounge areas. Residents can arrange to have personal subscriptions delivered and are responsible for the cost.


In room personal telephone service can be arranged by the resident or responsible party through Bell Canada.


Free parking is available in the front parking lot.


Bulletins/newsletters about activities and events within the Centre are produced monthly. We welcome ideas and suggestions for these publications. Please contact Marion Landon, Administrative Supervisor at 354-3306 ext 224 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Care Conferences 

Care conferences are conducted within a month of admission and annually. Participants at the Care Conferences may include the Resident and Family members, Physician, Nursing Staff, Dietary Staff, Housekeeping Staff, and Administration Personnel. The care conference gives the resident, family members and staff an opportunity to discuss together the direction of the care and the needs of the resident.


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