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In accordance with the County’s right-of-way control regulations, County staff evaluate a variety of issues and ensure compliance with the policies of the local road authorities, police, conservation authorities and federal/provincial government agencies.  These issues include drainage matters; private feature and road allowance obstruction impacts and encroachments; and traffic issues such as speed limits, parking restrictions and road signage.

Right-of-way control includes the review and issuance of the following permits:

  • entrance application (public, residential, commercial, farm, field)
  • excavation application (private construction in a County road allowance)
  • excess load application(over-size loads/dimensions as per The Highway Traffic Act)
  • encroachment application (private feature remaining in a County road allowance)
  • utility municipal consent application (public utility installation in a County road allowance)

The County reviews and provides comments as an interested stakeholder on all land use applications (consent to sever/minor variance/zoning by-law/development site plan) within the County. These applications are initiated at the local municipality level through their planning and building departments and are circulated to the County for comment. By applying its entrance use and location regulations for severances to the applications, the County may request that conditions related to property access, operations and road widening requirements be included in the application’s decision. (entrance guidelines for severances

To apply for a permit contact: Jim Klaver, Operation and Development Technologist at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 613.354.4883 ext. 3226.

Additional County right-of-way control regulations are:

The County also administers County-wide weed inspection for all properties and road allowances within the County through its Area Weed Inspector who enforces the regulations of The Weed Control Act. This Act only applies when the subject weeds are a threat to agriculture and are classified as noxious in the Act. (weed inspection information)


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