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Lennox and Addington County Land Use Planning was established in 2016 following the adoption of our first County Official Plan. County Land Use Planning services include:

  • Implementing and updating the Lennox and Addington County Official Plan;
  • Being the approval authority for all Official Plan Amendments and Plans of Subdivisions in Stone Mills and Addington Highlands Townships
  • All Official Plans and Official Plan Amendments adopted by a local municipality pursuant to Section 26 of the Planning Act.


Official Plan

Official Plan

Lennox and Addington County Council adopted the first County Official Plan on September 30, 2015. Under development since the fall of 2013, the Official Plan was created based on a requirement from the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

The Official Plan is one of a series of policies, guidelines and regulations that direct the actions of the County and shapes growth and development. The Plan is intended to:

a)    Establish a broad, upper tier policy framework that provides guidance to local municipalities in the preparation of updated local Official Plans, Official Plan Amendments and zoning by-laws;
b)    Implement the Provincial Policy Statement at the County level; and,
c)    Establish a framework for coordination and cooperation amongst the local municipalities and the County on planning and development issues that cross municipal boundaries.

This Plan recognizes the importance of the land use planning responsibilities that are vested with the local municipalities.  Given that the County of Lennox & Addington Official Plan is intended to establish an overall land use planning framework for the County and its municipalities, this Plan is not intended to duplicate the policies of the lower tier Official Plans.  Instead, this Plan is intended to provide the guidance necessary for the establishment of detailed strategies, policies and land use designations at the local level.

On March 15, 2016, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing provided a Notice of Decision under sub-section 17(34) and 17(35) of the PlanningAact with respect to the County of Lennox and Addington Official Plan.  We are pleased to advise that no appeals were lodged and that all of the Official Plan, as approved by the Ministry of Municipal and Housing, is now in effect, with the effective date being April 5, 2016.

With the County Official Plan now being in effect, the County is now the approval authority for Plans of Subdivision/Condominium in the Townships of Stone Mills and Addington Highlands and amendments to the Official Plans that apply in the Townships of Stone Mills and Addington Highlands.

L&A_Official Plan:_FINAL_- May_3,_2016

L&A Official Plan: Schedule A -_May 2,_2016

L&A Official Plan: Schedule B_- May 2,_2016

L&A Official Plan: Schedule C -_May 2,_2016

L&A Official Plan: Schedule D_- May 2,_2016

L&A Official Plan:_Appendix 1 - May 2,_2016

L&A_Official Plan: Appendix 2 -_May 2,_2016

Learn more:

Report to Council – Official Plan Recommendation

Meridian Planning Presentation to Council – September 30, 2015

Plans of Subdivisions

Plans of Subdivisions

County Council is the authority for subdivision in Stone Mills and Addington Highlands Townships. Before an application for a plan of subdivision is submitted, a meeting between the applicant, local Township and County is required. For more information on the Plan of Subdivision process, contact County Land Use Planning at 613-354-4883 ext 3234 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

County of LA - Plan of Subdivision and Condo Application (5.16.2016)

OP Amendments

Official Plan Amendments

The following application form is to be used for amendments to the County of Lennox & Addington Official Plan.

County of LA - OPA Application (5.16.2016)

Planning Fees

Planning Fees

The following are the current Land Use Planning fees.

SCHEDULE A - Tariff of Fees By-Law



For more information, please contact:

Stephen Paul
Director, Community and Development Services
Lennox and Addington County
613-354-4883 ext 3234
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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