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Council of the County of Lennox & Addington

In the Province of Ontario, a municipality is an incorporated area endowed with certain powers and responsibilities, as defined by the Ontario Municipal Act. The Corporation of the County of Lennox & Addington is an upper tier government with four constituent lower tier municipalities.

The Council of the County of Lennox and Addington is composed of eight members. These eight members are the four Reeves/Mayors and four Deputy-Reeves/Deputy-Mayors representing the local municipalities of the Township of Addington Highlands, the Township of Stone Mills, the Town of Greater Napanee and Loyalist Township. The eight County Councillors elect a Warden as the Head of Council, normally in December of each year. Following the selection of the Warden, County Council selects its representatives to Advisory Committees and Boards and Agencies.

County Council Rules of Procedure

County Councillors have four important roles to fulfil which can be briefly described as follows:

  1. Representing the public
  2. Determining and overseeing implementation of policies
  3. Overseeing the management of resources and maintaining the financial integrity of the municipality
  4. Ensuring the accountability and transparency of the operations of the municipality, including the activities of senior management*

*The Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk is the pivotal position between Council and staff. In the CAO’s role as liaison with Council, he transmits inquiries and communications to elected officials and distributes communications on behalf of Council, to the public, partnering agencies, and other levels of government.

As Head of Council it is the responsibility of the Warden to:

  • Preside over Council meetings so that its business is carried out efficiently and effectively, ensuring that Council is provided with information and recommendations 
  • Represent and promote the County
  • Strive to maintain and enhance the economic, social and environmental well-being of the municipality and its residents

Code of Conduct


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