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Public Notice of Construction - Bridge Street, Napanee

Bridge St. W. from Centre St. to Robinson St. AND Belleville Rd. from Bridge St. to Robinson St. in Napanee has re-opened to traffic as of December 22nd. Winter parking restrictions will apply.

Important Notice - Traffic Control Change: Note that eastbound Bridge St. traffic no longer stops at the Belleville Rd./West St. intersection. For clarity, Bridge St traffic does not stop in either the eastbound or westbound directions at this intersection.

Due to weather conditions some finishing has been postponed until the spring for its completion. Areas of sidewalks that have not been poured have a temporary asphalt surface applied for the winter. Driveways that were not completed have gravel and/or temporary asphalt placed for the winter.

In the spring when conditions permit we will remove any temporary surfaces and carry out the final works to restore driveways, sidewalks, grass boulevards and all outstanding works.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

If there are any issues, please contact:

Mitch Briell, Site Supervisor
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The left turn signals were removed at the intersection of Centre St and Bridge St in Napanee on the recommendation of experienced Traffic Engineers.  The reason for their removal was to improve the overall performance and reduce the overall delay to traffic at this intersection.  In simple terms, when an advanced phase is used at best only one quarter of the traffic at the intersection is being served.

In the past this intersection worked on what is called a ‘fixed’ timing plan which puts up a certain amount of green time for each direction every time the signal cycles.  The issue with this type of operation is that even if there are very few vehicles, for example on Bridge Street, the green time remains constant and traffic would be sitting on red on Centre St with no traffic entering from Bridge St.  This included left turn phases that would come up including times when there is no traffic in the left turn lane.  As a result other traffic is being delayed.

In the new configuration the intersection will operate in what is called ‘fully actuated’ mode.  In this mode there are vehicle detectors in each lane on both Bridge St and Centre St and the signal will automatically adjust the green time based on the traffic demands.  At times when there is a lot of traffic on Bridge St the signal will extend the green time to better serve that traffic.  At times when there is very little traffic the green times will be shorter.  The result of this type of operation is less overall delay to all traffic.

We will be monitoring the new operation of these traffic signals including the left turn operations and making adjustments as necessary to provide the best overall performance with the least amount of traffic delay.  Your patience is appreciated while we test and fine tune the signal operation.

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Bridge Street Napanee Reconstruction Project


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